We've been having so much fun together lately.  You love our nature walks and I chuckle when I look down and see your little shark sneakers kickin' it up while we stroll.  We caught a little frog the other day as it was jumpin' across the road.  You were fast asleep but I wanted you to see it before I let it go, so I woke you up.  Unfortunately, you were so tired you just rolled your eyes and went back to snorin'.

We had a great time at the punkin patch, but all you wanted to do was pull on the weeds and chew them.  The nice man at the patch gave you a cute lil' punkin 'cause he liked your hat.  

Yesterday, we went foraging for mushrooms.  You love archin' your back and lookin' up at the trees which makes it very challenging for Grammy to carry you.  Then you fall asleep in my arms and it's like carryin' a 20 pound bag of potatoes.  Grammy doesn't know how much longer she'll be able to carry a 20 pound bag of potatoes.

Everything goes into your mouth lately.  Usually it's clothing or fabric of some sort.  You love to pull your punkin hat down over your face and chew on it.  

It's always a surprise to see what you've been up to in the backseat of the car when we arrive somewhere.  You've learned to untie your shoes even though Grammy double ties them.  The laces are long enough for you to pull and chew on.  Grammy thinks they should make flavored shoelaces.  

You think Violet is a hoot.  Every morning she greets you and you're quick to grab her beard and won't let go.  She's very patient and will usually give you a lick as if to plead 'please let go!'  She has no idea what's in store for her as you get bigger.

You greet everyone we meet with a smile and it melts their hearts.  And those eyes.  Swoon.  Grumpy people are putty in your hands.  

Some days I just want time to stop.  To keep you at this age right now.  I cherish every hour and minute with you and when you're not around I miss you.

Happy 6 months Landon.

Grammy loves you!