Serendipitous Sunday

Yesterday, this gurl gathered her basket of 'shroom specimens and journeyed out to the mushroom inspectors show.  I needed to know if any of the 20 or so 'shrooms I'd collected were actually edible.  Upon arriving, I discovered about a bajillion other foragers were also curious about their fun guy finds.

Dejected by the long line out the door, I wandered over to Barnes and Noble to wait for the crowds to clear.  I gleefully perused the crafty magazine rack, thumbing through the latest Mollie Makes mag and then I spied a large new magazine called, what else, CROCHET!

Now, spendin' time to gander lil' croshayed Christmas pretties was just the ticket for me while I waited for my 'shrooms specimens to be inspected.

And what to my wandering eye did appear than a picture of my croshayed mistletoe from last year.  A full page to boot!

Oh, yes...the dusty cogs recalled I'd given permission to this new publication some months back and completely forgotten it was to be in print.  I chuckled when I read they'd been 'keepin' an eye' on me and imagined a big croshayed eyeball peekin' down on this here lil' ol' blog.  Wink.  Hello there!

Well, this was just the kick in the knickers I needed and the stamp of approval of where I'm headin' next, for this gurl has been designin' croshayed patterns and accessories for sale.  Yes, indeedy do.

Oh, and there is more my dears as a thrifted croshay DIY is comin' yer way soon!  Yippee!

A huge Maize {hug} goes out to Practical Publishing in the UK for includin' this gurl amongst so many talented ladies.

I'm humbled.  Smooch.