Because I love you...Giveaway

This gurl has been playing with wool roving and makin' felt hearts 'cause, ya know, Valentines Day is comin' up!

Felting is rather fun, easy and quick.  Just pull off a bunch of roving, add soap and water, then shape it.  You can use cookie cutters to help you keep the shape of your wooley creation.  You'll also need barbed needles to stab your wool over and over and over again so the fibers of your heart will fuse together.  Those babies are sharp so I use a piece of foam underneath the wool and then start stabbin' away.     

I'll use these hearts as embellishments on croshayed creations or even maybe make a coupla elbow patches.

Would you like to win this pretty little package of roving and barbed needles?
You'll be able to make lots and lots of hearts or whatever you wish.
It's my Valentines gift to you for bein' so sweet and comin' to visit my lil' blog.

So, for the first time is oh such a long while, I'll be openin' up the comment section so you can enter.  Just make sure you can be contacted via email when ya leave yer comment.

Apparently, I'm havin' problems gettin' the comments up.
You can enter on my Facebook page here:

Good luck!