My Lil' Lamb Chop

(Lamb Hat pattern found here.)

Oh, dear sweet Landon.  
I can't believe you're already 9 months old!

I missed posting your 8 month picture because it was on Christmas Day.  
It was one of you on a polar bear rug in the buff and everyone advised me it wasn't somethin' I should post 'cause of all the creepy people on the internets, even though it's the cutest evah!  
Besides, some day you'll have a girlfriend and you certainly don't want that picture to be found.  Sorry.  It's good blackmail material fer yer mom though.

You're crawlin' all over the place and Grammy's havin' a hard time keepin' up with ya!  
You've started to pull yourself up and walk around stuff which has caused Grammy to hold her breath a coupla times for fear you'll fall and hurt yer large noggin.

Grammy has baby proofed the cottage as much as she can and still depends on the high chair or the playpen to keep ya outta trouble.

You'll pretty much eat anything these days and seem to stuff your mouth so full that you look like a squirrel hidin nuts in yer cheeks.

Yer mama will sometimes drop you off early and put you in bed with me.  
It's always a sweet surprise to wake up havin' lil' soft baby hands caressing my face. melt my heart on those mornings.  
I'll remember those tender moments when yer older and talkin' back.

We've had a coupla go rounds on boundaries, especially when I tell you NO!  
Of course, it's always for your own good 'cause I see trouble comin'.  
First you'll test the waters, look at me and smile as if to say "Grammy, c'mon now!  I'm cute!  
How can you say NO?"

When my 'NO's' get louder, that's then the waterworks start.  It doesn't last for long though because I can't resist pickin' you up and comforting you.  I still tell ya not to do it though.  It's for yer own good.

You're still in the Shrimp class at swimming lessons and are doin' so good!  
Everyone thought your new swimmin' shirt 'HELLO LADIES' was a hoot.

Of course they did.  Just look at that sweet face!

You're Grammy's Rock Star!