Fare (or rather Fair) Thee Well.....Sticks

This gurl is giddy I tell ya!  

I'm chuffed I was able to complete my new bobble hat with Fair Isle crochet and my fingers were nimble enough to keep the inside yarny steps lined up correctly.  


Adios sticks!  I'm done.  
No more knittin' fer me!  No sirree.

Everything a knitter can do with two sticks I can do with one hook. 
{psssst... obey croshay!}

My amaryllis is finally starting to bloom.  
Looks like a large pink claw.  

I've noticed the bulbs are poppin' up 'round the cottage and thought I'd force some extras I had hidin' in a box in the basement.
I'm lookin' forward to pretty bloomin' teacups.

So..... that Fair Isle technique and the recent chunky yarn trend got me wonderin' if I could make myself a sweater with an easy design on the front. 

Right now it's feelin' (and probably lookin') like a lap blanket so I'm hopin' I don't end up with somethin' that should be worn by a horse.