Use an Electric Mixer to Wind Yarn!

After this idea came across my feed on Facebook, I 'bout fell outta my chair!  
I had to give it a go.

I already have a yarn winder but this goes so much faster and works great with leftover yarn from a skein.

I didn't have a hand mixer (mine's the big Kitchenaide lug), so I picked one up at the thrifts for a few dollars. 

You could also use an electric drill with a mixer head attachment, but you'd hafta use two hands, one to hold the drill and one to keep the tension on the yarn, which could be a bit tricky.  

Cut a small slit at the end of the roll, slide it on the mixer head attachment and attach the yarn to it.  
Hold the yarn to keep a firm tension on it otherwise it'll be all tangled up on the mixer head.

Set the mixer on the counter, turn it on low speed and watch the magic happen!  

I was also thinkin' if you have yer yarn rolled up nice and tidy, you could stick the roll on one of those paper towel holders which would prevent the yarn from gettin' messy and make it oh so much easier to croshay.  
Storage would also be easy because you could hang them from anything.  

Store up on those toilet paper rolls ladies!

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Anonymous said...

Well, now that's pretty cool! Love, Esther

Ellisen said...

Fabulous yarn winding info. Thanks so much for posting it.