Well Hello There!

It's been a tad bit since I've posted and thought I'd show ya what this gurl has been up to.  
Of course, if ya follow me on Instagram you've prolly already have seen these.

I've been doin' a bit o'thriftin' and found this lovely Free People top.

I took a day to wander around downtown Seattle.

I love my new Ikea metal and glass yarn storage cabinet.  
It reminds me of an old doctor's office.
I can't wait to fill it up with luscious yarn!

I'm obsessed with late night weaving and blame it on Dottie Angel.

I finally finished this DIY for Bubby's room.  
I'm afraid he'll think it's a ball and want to throw it so it'll prolly stay in my room fer now.
I don't mind.

My mama brought me these lovely lil' vintage dollies to stitch up.  
She thought they'd be cute for the new grandbaby I'll be blessed with this fall.

And finally, I'm croshayin' myself one of these blankies from a vintage croshay book I thrifted.  
I'm hopin' and crossin' my croshay fingers that I'll follow through with completion as I have croshay attention deficit disorder.  

There's always another project I wanna try and I get bored with repetition.

It's my hope to start postin' more here but if don't see me come and join me over on Instagram.  

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