While I was on my sewing binge, I become discouraged with the stick pins I had purchased. The little plastic balls kept falling off every time I pulled one out. So... the lightbulb went off and I pulled out some FIMO clay. I sat at my table Sunday night rolling tiny balls of clay and sticking pins into them. Then, I sculpted some to look like the head of a tack. My husband commented that he thought I was losing my crafty mind. To the contrary! I discovered a new DIY called -- SPROUTS!

Once baked, the clay becomes hard and is connected to the pins for good! I only used pins that DID NOT have a plastic head and were at least 1 inch long. I had a huge bag of pins I purchased at a thrift store and storted through them for the longest ones. Once they're baked (I cut thick slices of a potato to stick them in), I let them cool then sprayed them with a coat of clear gloss. I'm going to add them to the felt wrist pincushion (also in the DIY section) and give them as gifts at Christmas. I think they're SUPER CUTE and you don't have to use them just for sewing. They can be used to tack notes on your bulletin board. This would be a perfect DIY project for your kid.

Okay, now the winner from yesterday's Tuesday Trunk Giveaway......Christie in Georgia!!! Woo Hoo!

Thanks to everyone who entered and don't forget to try again next Tuesday! There's more knitting needle sets and other goodies to giveaway.

GIT'cher craft on!

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megan said...

I love this idea!