Are you a Mexi CAN or a Mexi CAN'T?!

That's one of my favorite movie lines! HA! Here's our Casa. This is the gate that protected the property from ox wandering on over and damaging the grounds. And this is the front of the house. There's a great patio that wraps around the side and front. It's covered with one of those palm tree roofs. Very cool. I wanted one at home but know it'd be moldy within a few months.

Here's what I Mexi CAN do:
I can eat the food, drink the beer and margaritas, stumble through the language, put up with the loud music and cars (although one morning I was awakened very early and was tempted to stomp down to the Policia station and throw a fit), navigate the potholes and speed bumps, steer clear of the ox, put up with mosquitoes and sand fleas eating up my legs and sucking on my toes, carry large 5 gallon drinking water bottles, and hang my laundry on the line to dry.

Here's what I Mexi CAN'T do:
Not being allowed to flush my toilet paper down the toilet, seeing trash everywhere including the beach, tolerate roving packs of dogs that are covered in fleas and desperately need care, seeing trash everywhere, having very small children come up to me on the streets in Cabo in the dark of night trying to get me to buy a trinket (talk about explotation-where are your parents?), FLUSHING THE TOILET PAPER, and of course SEEING TRASH EVERYWHERE!!!

All of our die hard environmentalists who complain about what our country lacks need to take a trip down there and start a litter campaign. It's disgusting and sad. The area is beautiful and it's being ruined by lazy people throwing their trash everywhere. I've never understood that mentality and never will.


TaĆ­s said...

Hi, Maize. I've received your package. I don't know to knitte very well, but with your needles I hope improve it.

Jen and Jules said...

My husband and I say that quote all the time...too funny! Glad you had a good time!