New DIY! Recycled Sweater Coin Purse

I have a problem. I'm a bag freak. Can't you tell by the picture on the home page of me sitting in the sand box at age 3 with my purse? My grandfather used to call me "Diamond Lil" because I'd cover myself in costume jewelry and carry a purse everywhere I went, even to the dinner table. I just love every type of bag, luggage, backpack or purse. Drives my husband crazy as he says I need my own room for all my bags and shoes.

This one's made from an old sweater. I lined it in a chartreuse green suede type fabric that I found on sale at Joanns. The metal part is from M & J trim in their online store, but you can also find them at Tall Poppy Craft.

I'll have the DIY up later today.



Rita João said...

I'm a bag freak too!!!

mrs.jack said...

I've never been a bag freak. I prefer to freak at shoe sales. I love buying slightly odd shoes (y'know strange colors, interesting textures, different design) but I have been known to freak out at the slight of a very nice bag. By the way, yours is very nice! Have a great weekend, Maize.