Embroidered jeans...

I've been seeing embroidered jeans everywhere lately and decided to take a pair of my own with me to Mexico. I just drew designs on freehand with a fine black Sharpie and then embroidered away! On the right leg up close to the hip I embroidered the flowers with La Paz which means "Peace" and then on the lower left leg I embroidered La Ventana where we actually stayed. They're my new Mexi Can jeans!

If you want to do a pair for yourself, there's some really cute patterns at Sublime Stitching. They're a bargain at $3.50. I purchased the Rock & Roll set. They'd look cute on little kids t's too!

Oh, wondering who won yesterday's giveaway? Sue in Arizona wins the hearts! She's also new to Maize land so-- Welcome Sue!

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tricia said...

the flowers and birds are adorable. You've inspired me to give it a try!