Mexi Craft

While my daughter and I were in La Paz getting groceries at Soriana, we discovered a craft aisle. I had already read all the books I brought and had finished embroidering my jeans (posting a pic of those tomorrow) so I needed something to do.

I spotted some packages of embroidery thread then noticed these muslin pieces stamped with pictures. We both immediately got excited with our discovery! I ended up buying about 5 different pieces and finished this one in 3 days. I also purchased one with a Day of the Dead skeleton drinking tequila. Each piece cost 80 cents so they were a bargain and well worth the effort.

This will become a pillow for my bed. I've purchased some pink suede-like material for the back portion.

Although I couldn't find a translation for Meo in my dictionary, the local Mexican children told me it meant "Original Love." How cute!

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mrs.jack said...

I LOVE THAT! What a great pattern. I've been thinking about picking up embroidery. I got the Jenny Hart starter kit, but I'm so in love with that pattern. My husband and I collect Day of the Dead art, so I can't wait to see your tequila drinking skeleton!