I'm diggin it!

This new Beta Blogger is working rather well (fingers crossed) and there are a ton of new features that I'm really excited about. I'll finally be able to personalize the blog to my liking. I'm not sure whether I can respond to comments yet, but I wanted to mention that if you have a question, please email me as in the past I haven't been able to respond to your comments directly through Blogger.

I wanted to show you my new product called WAGG TAGS. Yep, another one to add to the growing family of tags. We've had these in the works for quite a while and have finally perfected them. Wagg Tags are for your pet and also pet parents. The dog and cat are modeled after my dog Max and my friend's cat Gus. Aren't they cute? They're going to be added to the Mommy Tag site probably next week. If you're on our mailing list you'll receive an announcement with the news.

Yesterday's winner of CKT is:

Tania in Portugal!

Your goodies are on their way to Lisbon! I visited Spain and Portugal back in 1999. Loved it! Portugal is beautiful and it's coastline reminds me of Oregon.

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Jen said...

Oh, darn! Bloglines never told me your Crafty Karma post was up yesterday, and I would so have liked the knitting needles. Foo. :(