All I wanna do is have some SPUN...

I gotta feelin' I'm not the only one! It must be the cooler temps and the feeling of fall in the air that makes me want to do nothing but sit in bed and knit.

Have you seen this new catalog from Lion Brand? If not, you can order one for free from their site. I received it in the mail the other day and I'm VERY impressed! They've upgraded their yarn selection and they've filled this catalog with tons and I mean TONS of great projects. You can order the kits or go to their website to get some of the free patterns.

I mean, really....HOW CUTE IS THIS?

Or these little birds, Mary Janes and potholders?

These toys are the cutest! This is probably a great project for the crochet beginner. I'm still learning!

I'm in love with the afgan in the lower right hand corner!

My gosh, the colors!

This coat is very cool. I could do without the stripes, maybe a dark brown.

I think this sweater is adorable too. Nice and cozy.

The bags! Ohhhhh, the bags!

I saw this new ruffle yarn in the latest Knit 1 magazine. I'd like to try it out. Probably not as many ruffles as her's, but maybe something similar.
Very romantic.

I thought this was a cute idea. You could even use up all of your scrap yarn.

So, that's about it. I'll be sitting in bed today, drinking coffee and knitting something cool. Yeah, right. Dream on!!!


MagFly said...

... thank you for all that inspiration. It got my head going.

LLA said...

Oooh - this does look fab! I never would have thought to go look here for inspiration, and now I'm going to jet off to request a catalog of my own!!!


Blair said...

this is their catalog? geez! between hillary's new doll book and this, i'll never get through my to-do list!

Lindsey said...

I totally want everything in there!