The pink womb

When I first saw the pattern for this on Knitty, I thought "What on earth would you need one of those for?" I get it. My friend D had hers removed
(at the tender age of 39) last Wednesday and I thought I'd knit this up as a gift. She has a great sense of humor so she understands my intention here.

Buck laughed at me as I complained about my struggles with the fallopian tubes. They kept twisting!

I can't help my embellishing tendencies. Every time I pick it up I want to add some facial features so it'd look like Pippy Longstocking. The big blob of yarn in the middle actually makes it look like it's growing a nose. I admit, I'm not the greatest knitter.

You're strong D. You'll be back up and running in no time. Get well soon!


louise said...

thats a very cool thing to do!

bowiechick said...

Just when I thought I'd seen everything...very clever.