The Popcorn Bunny Story

Does anyone remember Popcorn Bunnies? I don't think they sell 'em in the stores anymore. At least I haven't seen any. It was a tradition, way back when I was a kid, to get one in your Easter basket. Eating the freaky eyeball was the highlight.

Okay, so 'bout 3 weeks ago, I received an email from Elizabeth in Georgia saying she'd been surfing around the web lookin' for a popcorn bunny for her sister. She'd found my post a year ago when I was rambling on about popcorn bunnies. I forwarded her the above picture of me with my popcorn bunny. Anyways, we got to talkin.... and I suggested the following...

I was thinkin'.... you could buy a big bunny pan (I've seen 'em at thrift stores), make a batch of popcorn balls (recipe below) and make yer own! Just press the popcorn gunk in the pan (grease the pan o'course first), let it cool a bit, pop the bugger out and WHAMMO! A homemade popcorn bunny! I betcha it'd work! You could even find some weirdo eyeballs at the candy store. Hey! Maybe this should go up on my blog or DIY! Hee. Hee. :-)

Well, little ol' Elizabeth went ahead and made the popcorn bunny and even SENT ME ONE! How cool is that?! I never did get around to making one for myself or as a DIY. I'm so psyched! I can't wait to tear into it. Thanks Elizabeth!

Now, if any of you'd like to make yer can find a bunny pan at The Dollar Tree or a thrift shop. Walmart even sells a plastic bunny filled with Ferrero Rocher, so you could use that too.

Here's my mama's popcorn ball recipe:

1 cup sugar
1/3 cup corn syrup
3/4 tsp salt
1/3 c. water
1/4 c butter
3/4 tsp vanilla
Food coloring (optional)

Mix all (except vanilla and food coloring) together in saucepan over
medium heat. Boil/bubble until it reaches soft ball stage on your
thermometer (or drop a bit in a glass of water, if it balls up it's
done). Add the vanilla and food coloring. Pour over the popcorn.
Mix with a wooden spoon. Let cool a bit. Wet hands and start making
balls or bunnies!

Happy Easter!


Stephanie said...

I LOVE those popcorn bunnies. Where I grew up we didn't get the ones with eyes and they weren't nearly as big as the one you've got in your Easter basket but they were undoubtedly my favorite treat.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED THOSE POPCORN BUNNIES and now want them for my grandchildren. I have been looking all over and none to be had. Gonna use your recipe. Thanks and wish me luck.

Ryan said...

I've been furiously googling for those old popcorn bunnies you are talking about. I can't seem to find anyone who even knows the name of the company that made them. My brothers and I used to love getting them, especially because of that candy eye. And they just tasted great! I remember they used to come in yellow, pink, and purple packaging in a similar shape to the homemade one pictured in your post. I'll have to try that recipe and see if I can duplicate it. Great post!

Jena said...

Bumpy and Jumpy popcorn bunnies!! My brothers and I loved to get these on Easter. I have searched for them for years, to no avail. Nice to know other people remember them, too!

Our Family said...

How funny...I've been looking for them too! I loved those things! The eye was the highlight;) I don't even find the popcorn balls they used to sell...I wonder what happened to them;(

dwmoore said...

The last few years they were being sold in Cleveland Ohio at the Perterson Nut Company. I have not seen anything this year, but I plan on going in this weekend. The Grandkids are expecting them...

Jess said...

I just did a search for "Bumpy and Jumpy" and came across your post.

I thought for sure that someone would have been manufacturing the bunnies.

dwmoore -- if you can post whether you had success or not at the Nut Company, I'd love to hear.

Thanks so much for sharing the recipe, I think I have to make them! Every year as a child I received a Bumpy and Jumpy in my Easter basket, and have been joking with my mother for several years now that it is the only thing I want in my basket now.

Karin Micheletti said...

My brothers & I always got popcorn bunnies. I loved them. A few years ago, I started getting them for my kids. Olympia Candy Co. sells them. I took a year or 2 off. Last week my 11 year old asked if the Easter Bunny was going to bring popcorn bunnies again. So here I am on the web. I found them again at Olympia. They are $6 - however UPS wants $16 to ship them. DILEMMA!!

Maize Hutton said...

Karen, if it's $16 to ship, maybe it's DIY time. Feel free to use the recipe! :)