More Pillow Power!

I'm going through puppy withdrawal since I haven't been able to see my new baby girl. I've been sitting and staring for hours at the pictures of her on the computer. So, in order to keep myself from going crazy, I decided to sew more pillows. I'm using up as much of my wool blanket stash and felted sweaters as possible. The pile is huge, so hopefully I'm making a dent.

JoAnns has their pillow forms on sale for 50% off and I decided to buy about ten of them in various sizes to give as Christmas gifts.

I love working with felted wool blankets. They look so crisp. I've made these in the envelope style which is my favorite way to make pillow covers. I don't make a pattern for the embellishments. I just start cutting them out.

Tonight is the BIG football game! I've been instructed to wear Levi's letterman jacket and Buck will wear his away jersey. The stands will be a sea of blue and white! I'll be there with my musical instruments (don't call them noisemakers)!


Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

Ya'll are going to look so cool at the game tonight!!!

Love the pillows. You are just so talented at so many things!

redheadrev said...

These are so cute!

Esther Sunday said...

Go Levi!
Go Puppy!
Go pillows!

Anonymous said...

Put some up for sale!!! I want one!!! (throws sound great too!)