My New Artist Friend

Bryan came by yesterday to introduce himself and tell me about his studio. He too has converted an old gas station in Uptown (just a few blocks from me) into his studio and came to welcome me to town and to invite me to join the Art Walk on the first Friday of every month in the summer. I won't be able to this year, but definitely next year!

Of course, he noticed my 1940s fridge and asked what I was planning on doing with it. When I told him I was going to fill it full of beer, he said "Well, I'm coming back with a growler full of beer from the local brewery for you to put in it." I told him "You're my new best friend buddy!"

He's a local woodworker and man oh man does he make some beautiful stuff. Check out his website and also take a peek at the photos he has posted of Uptown. Gorgeous, even in the winter!

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Esther Sunday said...

Cool. Let him know that I like wine coolers. Love, Esther