The Studio

These are videos of the bay side of the garage which will be the manufacturing studio portion of the building. I tried to get them in order, but I'm still figuring out this video blogger thingy.

I'm really happy with how it turned out. The final painted studio is filmed at night and I kinda mumble, so you'll have to turn up the sound a bit. My brother is coming this Saturday to help build the jewelry assembly station and finish the trim in my office/retail area. I found a 1940s refrigerator at a local thrift shop just two blocks away. I'm going to paint it and store beer and goodies in it!

I have to go back to Washington pretty soon to pick up some more furniture. I was going to order it off the internet but the cost to ship it here was more than the furniture itself! IKEA here I come!

I found an apartment but it won't be ready until October 1st. Oh, it's so cute and cool. I can't wait to show it to you when it's finished and I have it all decorated. In the meantime I'm living in the Mommy Mobile with Violet. I'll take some video of that for you also just so you can see that we aren't living in luxury during this entire process.

Violet and I go on daily evening walks and find all sorts of treasures. Yesterday, I found an old horseshoe. I'm supposin' it's good luck. I did take a 13 minute video of the big beautiful flower garden next to my studio, but I decided it'd probably bore ya'll to death so I'm not going to post it. Besides, I had a glass of wine before I went for the walk so I sound kinda loopy! :-)

I miss Buck.

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Esther Sunday said...

So fun! What color is the bay? A light blue? What color will you do the frig? It's perrrrfffect!