I don't claim to be the greatest photographer, but I love the colors in the pics I took tonight. These are right out of the camera. You're looking upon the Continental Divide. It's so cool living a Mile High!

And right above the front of the Mommy Mobile, you'll see the Mother of the Rockies all lit up in her glory. Do you see her?

There she is!

She's a size of the Statue of Liberty. She's's only lit when someone passes away or in remembrance of someone who passed away. They managed to set her up there with a helicopter. I haven't had the chance to take the tour yet, but I plan on it!

Oh! Who's this? She's the little dirty dog Violet in dire need of a bath! She's already had two baths this week! You can see her muscles through that transparent white hair. She met two Westies this weekend and a Bassett Hound today. Right now, she's asleep at my feet. I also taught her a new trick and it only took her two days to perfect it. She's learned out to sit on her hind legs and wave her paw.

Buck has dubbed her "Bubbles the Wonder Dog!" because she knows so many tricks!



Princess of Everything (and then some) said...

I have never heard of the Mother of the Rockies!

Violet looks fierce in that pic! Like she could kiss some hiney and take names!

The Fabric Bolt said...

Glad you are back here posting and I missed seeing little Violet. Looks like she has taken well to her new surroundings, getting dirty exploring?