London 1959

Big Ben London
Mom's next stop was London and everyone knows you can't go to London without taking a picture of the iconic clock tower Big Ben.

Changing of the Guard 2
No tour is complete without watching the Changing of the Guard...

Guard Buckingham Palace
Or snapping a picture of one of the Guards standing so stoic.

Tower Bridge London
This is the Tower Bridge.  
In my opinion, the best part about this picture is the sign which reads 'To The Bloody Tower.' 

Beefeater Guard Tower of London
A Beefeater.

Bobbies London
This is one of my favorites.
The Bobbies.  One reading something very funny in the newspaper and the other helping the beautiful American women dressed in their lovely frocks.  

#10 Downing Street London
#10 Downing Street

Picadilly Circus London
Picadilly Circus

Picadilly Circus London 2
This is so retro and cool.  If you do a google search for Picadilly Circus now, you'll see a dramatic change.

Feeding Pigeons Trafalgar Square
Mom with a pigeon in Trafalgar Square.  
The things I love about this picture... the contrast of colors, her outfit, the bus in the background, the fountain and the little boy with a pigeon on his arm.  Very sweet.

Next up...Crossing the Channel to Paris.  


Jaclyn T said...

I am really enjoying the pictures from your mom's trip!

--Jaclyn T
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ayca said...

I love this post !!!