What I made this week

I whipped up Pdub's  Beef with Snow Peas.  Easy and yummy!

If you've ever been intimidated with souffles, let this recipe help you overcome that.

Martha Stewart's Goat Cheese Souffle' is awesome!
The side dish I make is an asparagus/mushroom/turkey bacon scramble (without the egg).  Fry the bacon then cut it into one inch strips, chop up some asparagus spears and crimini mushrooms.
In a pan, add some olive oil and chopped garlic.  Saute' the mushrooms first, then add the rest.  
Goes great with the souffle. 

Also made these cheesy crackers.  THE BEST!  

I painted a little teapot birdhouse and busted off the back.  Then I hung it on my window with high hopes birdys will nest in it and I'll be able to watch 'em.

I needed some hook minders for all of my WIPs, so I made a few.

I'm planning my daughter's baby shower and the theme is 'Mommy to Bee.' 
She wanted a baby cocoon, so I worked this up for baby bee Landon.
I made the pattern up as I went along.  Pretty simple and cute!

Hope you have a crafty weekend!