Make a Crocheted Valentine Box

I'm surprised at how much I'm into Valentine's Day!  It's certainly sparked my creativity!

I made this the other night out of one ball of kitchen twine.  

Here's the pattern:

Leaving a long tail (for attaching the sides), use a size H hook and chain 13.
Row one, SC in second chain from hook and all remaining chains to end.
Chain 1, turn.  SC in second chain from hook and remaining chains in the rest of the row.  Continue pattern until the square reaches the height you want for your box.  I did 12 rows (I think :P).  Fasten off with a long tail.
Make four more squares the same.

Use a tapestry needle and thread it with one of the long ends of twine.  Use an overcast stitch to attach the sides and bottom.  Use extra twine if you need to.  
Weave in ends and cut off excess.

I sewed on a crocheted heart and two strips of fabric that I cut from a thrifted sheet.  See my post on crocheted heart garland here for the heart pattern.  

  Now it's ready to hold the many valentines you'll receive this year!



Esther Sunday said...

Super cute projects, Maize! XX

belle said...

love your stuff thanks for sharing really love those rose rings so sweeeet. I wanted to lament a little about how I too love the sait valentines has got to be one of my favrorite holidays to carft for. thanks again for the sharing...