The Ball Jar

EEP!  This gurl was shoppin' at Tarshay last night and discovered these limited edition American Heritage Collection of Ball canning jars.    

I have a collection of vintage canning jars and use them for storing various bits and bobs.  
Every year I make jam or can pickles.  
Last year, I had so many plums that I canned about two dozen quart jars of them. 

These really speak to me, especially the special note on the side of the box which reads:

One hundred years ago, this jar was a vessel.  What went inside was a product of a season of hard work.  What came out was a quality freshness that fed a family or nourished soldiers far away.

Between 1913 and 1915 the Ball Brothers introduced the 'Perfect Mason', the 'Perfection' and the 'Improved."  Even though these jars were discontinued in the years after World War 1, they never went out of use.  That's why we're bringing them back as a celebration, these jars are a part of American history.  

This collector's series is meant to honor the spirit of building, craftsmanship and innovation of past generations, which built a foundation of values for the future.

These jars represent the hard work, passion and perseverance that made this country great.  They are tangible proof that while hard times may fall, a stronger America will always rise again.

The American spirit remains preserved with the American Heritage Collection of jars from the makers of Ball brand jars.  Because what was once made in America is still made in America.
I did a bit of Google searchin' and found that Kmart's online store has the best deal, $9.89 for a box of six pint jars.  Free shipping for orders of $59 or more.  

I'm not a paid spokesperson for Ball Jars (or Kmart), nor do they know who I am.  I'm merely passin' on this great find for you in case you'd like to have some before they're all gone as they are a limited edition.

I can't wait to use them for blackberry jam this year.  These will make my gifts at Christmas a bit more special.  Me thinks a little crocheted doily on the lid would add an extra cuteness factor.  Or, maybe I'll make a bunch of my crocheted Jam Jar Bonnets again.  

In the meantime, I'm goin' back for more!